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3 Options for You to Get a Comfortable Accommodation in Travel
This article "3 Options for You to Get a Comfortable Accommodation in Travel" shows you all related information, tips, and step by step guide about 3 Options for You to Get a Comfortable Accommodation in Travel, check "3 Options for You to Get a Comfortable Accommodation in Travel" and learn tips about 3 Options for You to Get a Comfortable Accommodation in Travel on CUCAS!

China is a large nation geographically, which has a various types of different scenery. These brand new and amazed interesting spots are attractive to most foreign students, therefore, lots of them will take on a trip to explore China. However, be sure you will make a wise decision on where to live during your trip, don’t let uncomfortable accommodation ruin your mood. Here, we will briefly introduce 3 main ways that most travelers will choose to live during their trips.

  • Hotel

Quality and service of hotels in China vary differently due to different locations and star levels. Of course you can book a 5-star hotel to stay, but economic hotels are mainstreams for the locals, particularly for young people. Home Inn (如家), Hanting Hotel (汉庭), Motel168 (莫泰168) etc. are all good choices. Basic service such as 24hrs hot water, internet access, furnished furniture, clean sheets and beds are available. Extra parking may be charged but fees are not as high as a star hotel. Other service and terms could be found when you book. Overall, it is quite a good balance between “living comfortably” and “spending low”. Average price for a standard room at Home Inn is around 130 RMB per night.
>> How to book:
You can either go to the official website of these hotels, or refer to Xiecheng (携程) or Qunar (去哪儿), which are two reliable online travelling agencies, to book your accommodation. There is no service fee charged by Xiecheng and Qunar, so don’t be worried, it’s just like the

Hilton in Beijing Home Inn


  • Hostel

Other than economic hotels, many young people would like to choose some hostels, which could be even cheaper than the economic ones. The most popular one is the international youth hostel, aka YHA. It is definitely a perfect choice for backpackers. You can meet people from different countries, communicate with them and broaden your horizons. And of course, the price for one bed in a shared room is about 30 to 80 RMB (varies in different cities), which is very cheap.
>> How to book:
You can refer to YHAChina to book:

YHA in Beijing YHA in Hangzhou


  • Couchsurfing

Compared to a high development level in foreign countries, couchsufing is actually a new thing in China. But as days go on, an increasing number of young people, backpackers in particular, prefer to surf a couch in a host family. It is indeed a kind of culture, not just for a free crush. For a experienced couchsurfer, it is very easy to handle, but for a beginner, you may need to learn a little bit more about this, and here is a proven and maybe the largest couchsurfing community in the world. Hope you will enjoy it after you dig more.


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