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4 Steps to Complete Your Application through CUCAS
This article "4 Steps to Complete Your Application through CUCAS" shows you all related information, tips, and step by step guide about 4 Steps to Complete Your Application through CUCAS, check "4 Steps to Complete Your Application through CUCAS" and learn tips about 4 Steps to Complete Your Application through CUCAS on CUCAS!

CUCAS's Online Application System allows international applicants to DIRECTLY apply for degree & non-degree programs to China's universities. To complete the online application process, you just need to finish 4 simple steps, as instructed below.

Step 1: Complete online application form
In this section, applicants need to fill out the online application form, including personal information, education background, language proficiency, etc. Some form items have certain requirements which will be listed below the blank. Please fill in the blanks as requested.

If you're not sure how to fill out the form, please check if there are any instructions behind the blank, as shown below.

  • Step 2: Upload required application materials

Please upload photocopies of required application materials according to the university’s admissions criteria. All the materials should be MS-Word (.doc, .docx), Adobe PDF (.pdf) documents, image files (.gif, .jpg, .png), or compression files (.rar). Each file cannot exceed 5 MB (megabytes).

Click ‘Upload’ in the right column, then select the required file from your PC, at last, click ‘OK’ to upload. At this time, the file will be uploaded by CUCAS automatically. According to your local connection speed, uploading will normally last from a few seconds to 1 minute. During the uploading process, please don’t leave the current section or make any changes.

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  • Step 3: Make payment

In this section, please pay your application fee which is directly charged by each university and CUCAS is authorized to collect on the university’s behalf. CUCAS itself does not charge any service fee. You have 5 types of payment methods. Please carefully select your preferred payment method to finish your payment.

Students who choose Western Union or Bank transfer as their payment method need to upload the payment receipt after you wire the money at the post office or bank.

  • Step 4: Submit application

Please submit your application once the application fee payment is made. You can directly click the "Submit" button as the picture shown below and your application will be sent directly to the university.

If you have any difficulties in submitting your application, please contact

When you have submitted your application, please wait for the university’s response. Any questions regarding your application status can be sent to

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