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Chinese Local Government Scholarship: Yunnan Government Scholarship
This article "Chinese Local Government Scholarship: Yunnan Government Scholarship" shows you all related information, tips, and step by step guide about Chinese Local Government Scholarship: Yunnan Government Scholarship, check "Chinese Local Government Scholarship: Yunnan Government Scholarship" and learn tips about Chinese Local Government Scholarship: Yunnan Government Scholarship on CUCAS!

In order to better help international students with their study in China, Yunnan government sets up Yunnan Government Scholarship as a choice of Chinese local government scholarship for them applying China scholarship.
Yunnan Government Scholarship is a full scholarship managed by Yunnan Department of Education aiming at neighboring country students. Before considering applying of Chinese Local Government Scholarships, applicants can take a look at the target cities in advance.

The Categories and Eligibility Criteria of Target International Students

This Chinese Government Scholarship targets at international students studying as bachelors, masters, doctors, Chinese Language scholars, and major scholars as well as visiting scholars in Yunnan Province.
There are age limits for this Chinese Government scholarship: applicants of bachelor degree should be under 25; applicants of master degree should be under 35; applicants of doctor degree should be under 40; applicants of Chinese Language Training should be under 35; applicants as major scholars should be under 45; applicants as visiting scholars should be under 50.

The Scholarship Duration of this Chinese Government Scholarship

Generally there will be a Chinese Learning Study prior to major study. Applicants of this Chinese Government Scholarship can directly enter into major study if their specialties are taught in English. In addition, the duration of this Chinese government scholarship normally equals to the duration of study defined when students are enrolled.

The Application Date and Channel of this Chinese Government Scholarship

Applicants of this Chinese Government Scholarship can directly apply to Universities with eligibilities in Yunnan Province. Generally, the application date of this Chinese government scholarship is from February to May.

The Values/Coverage and Standard of This Chinese Government Scholarship

This Chinese Government Scholarship covers a waiver of fees on registration, tuition, accommodation and offers monthly living allowance and outpatient medical service and comprehensive medical insurance as the same as the Chinese students. The living allowance will be granted monthly according to the following standard: applicants of bachelor degrees and Chinese Learning Training receive 600 RMB per month; applicants of master degrees and major scholars receive 900 RMB per month; applicants of doctor degrees and visiting scholars receive 1,200 RMB per month.

The Admission and Notification of This Chinese Local Government Scholarship

The Yunnan Government will deliver all the admission documents to related universities before July 1st and the related universities will notify winners of this Chinese Local Government Scholarship before July 31st.

The Higher Education Institutes Eligible for This Chinese Local Government Scholarship

Yunnan University, Kunming University, Yunnan Normal University, Yunnan Agricultural University, Kunming Medical University, Yunnan University of Nationality, Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dali University, Honghe University, Yuxi Normal University, Xishuangbanna Vocational and Technical Institute.


Note: CUCAS Scholarship platform is going to be on-line in the coming December with more information of China scholarships and related application procedures. For more information on applying China scholarships, please log on to CUCAS right now. If you have any questions or problems right now, feel free to contact our scholarship team directly. We are here for you!
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