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Company Contact Information

Company Name: Beijing Chiwest Co., Ltd
Address: Room 0612, JianJin Center, A No.1 QingHe YongTai Garden, Haidian District, Beijing, P.R. China
Postcode: 100192
Tel: 86-10-82865135; 86-10-82388301

Student Advice Service

Help or advice on individual application:
Tel: 86-10-82865135; 86-10-82388301
Contact: Lyla
Or you can also contact us via Skype ID: CUCAS

Student Admission Service

Track application progress:
Tel: 86-10-82865135-13; 86-10-82388301-13
Contact: Rita

CUCAS Scholarship

CUCAS Scholarship Evaluation Committee:


Complain about our service or procedures:

Business and Cooperation

Business cooperation:
School partnerships:
Overseas advisers:

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Online Consulting-

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