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How Chinese College Students Mock at Transformers: Age of Extinction
This article "How Chinese College Students Mock at Transformers: Age of Extinction" shows you all related information, tips, and step by step guide about How Chinese College Students Mock at Transformers: Age of Extinction, check "How Chinese College Students Mock at Transformers: Age of Extinction" and learn tips about How Chinese College Students Mock at Transformers: Age of Extinction on CUCAS!

Since Transformers: Age of Extinction (Transformers 4) was released on June 27, 2014, it has easily reached $1 billion gross in the past month. Transformers: Age of Extinction seems to be a huge success in the Transformers series films, however, there are fierce debates about this fill as well. Some people think that the Optimus Prime eventually become the true leading role in a Transformers series film and others hate this film because there are too much ads of Chinese products in the film, which also make this film more popular in China. Put the dispute aside, let’s check about how Chinese college students mock at Transformers: Age of Extinction! 

1 Optimus Prime, you yourself is a truck.

“It is ridiculous to see that Optimus Prime riding a dinobot, because he himself is a vehicle.”


2 Too many ads

Some Chinese students said “Don’t insert Transformers 4 in the ads we are watching!”, which could be an ironic Transformers 4’s being too many ads.


3 Unreasonable Route Choice

“Is it necessary for those people from America fly to China before reach Hongkong?”

Obliviously, that is under the purpose of more ads.


4 China Construction Bank in America

“I don’t know why that someone could find a China Construction Bank card in desert and find an ATM for it in a small village that hardly has any people in United States.”


5 ShuHua Milk


“No matter how dangerous it is, someone always remember to finish his Shuhua milk!”.


Transformers series are great for fans but it seems if there are less ads, the film can be much better.

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