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How to Apply Southeast University Scholarship: Chinese University Program
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How to Apply Southeast University Scholarship Southeast University (SEU) is a prestigious 100-year old university and member of Project 985 and 211, with the tuition fee of RMB 30,000 to 50,000 per year for English-medium degree students. SEU is one of the universities which can admit Chinese Government Scholarship. Among this scholarship program, Chinese University Program in SEU will be introduced in this article.

Basic Information

1. Available to: Degree Students (master’s and doctoral degree)
2. Scholarship Coverage: Exempt from registration fee, tuition fee, fee for laboratory experiment, fee for internship, fee for basic learning materials and accommodation on campus; living allowance; one-off settlement subsidy after registration; fee for outpatient medical service and Comprehensive Medical Insurance
3. Admission Documents Mailing Date: Before June 30th
4. Note: Students who register before 15th (15th included) of the registration month will get the full amount of living allowance of that month, and those who register after 15th will get half amount of that month. Students upon graduation will get a living allowance for another 15 days after the graduation date set by the university.

How to apply Chinese Univesity Program in SEU

  • Step 1: Apply directly to SEU during Jan 1 to Apr 5, 2015
  • Step 2: Fill the Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship at CSC Online Application System for International Students and submit online the completed form. Do not forget to print a hard copy
  • Step 3: Submit the completed application form and other required application documents to SEU before Apr 5, 2015. The required documents include: passport copy, highest degree certificate, official transcripts of academic records, two recommedation letters, Physical Examination Record of Foreigners, and address form.
  • Step 4: SEU will review the applicants' documents and decide the nominated candidates which will be sent to CSC before Apr 30
  • Step 5: CSC will consider the application documents of nominated candidates for eligibility and qualification and approve scholarship winners list. Admission documents will be sent to SEU before Jun 30
  • Step 6: SEU will send the admission documents to the scholarship winners.

Agency Number

The agency number of SEU is 10286. For the complete list of Chinese universities agency number, you can refer to: Chinese Universities Agency Number List

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