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How to speak Chinese fluently
This article "How to speak Chinese fluently" shows you all related information, tips, and step by step guide about How to speak Chinese fluently, check "How to speak Chinese fluently" and learn tips about How to speak Chinese fluently on CUCAS!


Here are four useful tips for Chinese learners to become a fluent Chinese speaker.


1.Immerse in the Chinese

If you have ever made your decision to learn Chinese well,promise you will do everything you can to reach the goal of it.I’m saying that you need to learn Chinese not only in the school,you should bring it to your daily life.You must have heard that many Chinese people who don’t understand English at all have become able to communicate with local people in English fluently after they moved to Western countries.This is mainly because they have to listen and speak English all the time if they want to make themselves understood by people and get the meaning of what others are talking about.This is a frustration for a living but an absolutely good thing for learning a language.You can choose to stay far away from your native language and listen to Chinese news,watch Chinese movies and listen to Chinese popular songs.Create a Chinese environment and immerse yourself in Chinese can help you learn Chinese faster and better.


2.Always speak Chinese

Like I said before,those overseas had suffer from the same period and difficulty as you but they finally made it through by speaking English all day.This is one thing you can try for reaching the goal of speaking Chinese fluently.When you're in class,or you're with students,you can try to talk a lot.The point is not just to be annoying.It has two real positive functions:speaking a lot can help you strengthen your grasp of tricky words;speaking a lot can help you make mistakes that expose your weaknesses.Don't waste time on vocabulary and phrases that you already know.Step out of your way to talk with people using Chinese words that you don't know.


3.Focus on your mistakes

Making mistakes is common and not enough.You need a person to provide immediate feedback about your mistakes.Ideally,that feedback comes through an eager, tireless, supportive Chinese teacher who is at your side every moment, and vigilantly points out every mistake you make. If such a teacher is unavailable to you all the time, then you can use a Chinese learning site like FluentU to supplement your learning.

4.Change you mind

This is the most important thing because it’s the basic foundation of the three tips above.
First, change the way you measure progress.
Second,understand the fact that it's very natural for everyone to make mistakes while speaking Chinese.
Third,have a faith and believe firmly that becoming fluent at speaking Chinese is just a matter of time.

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