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List of China Universities With Pharmacy Program: Medicine Program Tuition Fee Comparison
This article "List of China Universities With Pharmacy Program: Medicine Program Tuition Fee Comparison " shows you all related information, tips, and step by step guide about List of China Universities With Pharmacy Program: Medicine Program Tuition Fee Comparison , check "List of China Universities With Pharmacy Program: Medicine Program Tuition Fee Comparison " and learn tips about List of China Universities With Pharmacy Program: Medicine Program Tuition Fee Comparison on CUCAS!

Pharmacy program, generally speaking which is a study of how to prepare medicines and drugs, from other sides, this program contains much more professional medicine knowledge.

List of China Universities With Pharmacy Program: Medicine Program Tuition Fee Comparison

Many international students want to study pharmacy program, here we provide a list of China universities with pharmacy program, which contained teaching language and tuition fee in every universities.                 

University Name

Tuition Fee (RMB)

Teaching Language

Huazhong University of Science and Technology




Liaoning Medical University


Jinan University


Jiangsu University


Chongqing Medical University



Zhejiang University


China Medical University


Dalian Medical University


Fudan University


Wuhan University


Ocean University of China


Central South University


Chengdu University


Zhejiang University of Technology


Guangxi Medical University


Soochow University


Nankai University


Tianjin University


Sichuan University


Shandong University


Liaoning Normal University


Guangdong Pharmaceutical University


China Pharmaceutical University


East China University of Science and Technology


Beihua University


Southwest University


Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine


Chongqing University


Hunan Normal University


Shandong Normal University


University of Jinan


Hebei University


Henan University


Hebei University of Science and Technology



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  • Gannan Medical University MBBS Fee Structure
    Gannan Medical University is located in Ganzhou, a famous historical and cultural city in south of Jiangxi province beside Beijing-Kowloon Railway. The University is the only medical university of Bachelor Degree in Jiangxi province, having established friendly relationships with institutes in USA, UK, and Korea etc.
  • Shenyang Medical College MBBS Fee Structure
    Shenyang Medical College is located right in Shenyang, the Northeast region’s center of economy, culture, transportation and business. The university has established friendly relationships with more than ten foreign institutions in the United States, Britain, Japan, Netherlands, Australia, and Canada. Till now, more than 1200 international students from 39 countries are studying at our campus, including 175 graduates.
  • Jiamusi University Clinical Medicine Fee Structure
    Jiamusi University is located in Jiamusi, a charming city in Heilongjiang Province of China. The university has established friendly and cooperative relations with 32 colleges and universities from 13 countries and regions including Russia, the United States, Britain, South Korea and Japan. With China's government scholarship, more than 702 students from 51 countries are pursuing their education here.
  • Fujian Medical University MBBS Fee Structure
    Fujian Medical University (FMU), located in Fuzhou, the capital city of Fujian Province, serves as a center for teaching, research, treatment, and prevention, and provides other social services.The University has developed collaborative relationships for scientific research and talents training with some universities and medical research institutes from the United States, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Australia, and Canada and so on.
  • Nantong University MBBS Fee Structure
    Nantong University is a comprehensive university established by Jiangsu Provincial Government and Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China. NTU was established in 2004 with the amalgamation of Nantong Medical College, Nantong Institute of Technology and Nantong Teachers College. Currently, there are around 300 overseas students in the school, coming from 16 countries.
  • Hebei Medical University MBBS Fee Structure
    Hebei Medical University, located in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, North China Plain, was established in 1894, basically founded from the London Hospital by the British people in 1879. In 1881, it offered the medical school to cultivate the medical talents. It is one of the oldest universities in China.
  • Zhengzhou University MBBS Fee Structure
    Zhengzhou University is a national "211 project" key university co-built by the Henan Provincial Government and the State Ministry of Education On July 10th, 2000. It has a sound and developing infrastructure and the school condition is superior.
  • Soochow University MBBS Fee Structure
    Soochow University is located in Suzhou, an ancient city popularly hailed as "Paradise on Earth". It is one of the national key universities under the "211 Project" and also a key comprehensive university of Jiangsu Province.Each year, there are approximately 1000 overseas students enroll in the university.
  • Qingdao University MBBS Fee Structure
    Qingdao University, situated in the Chinese eastern seaside city Qingdao, faces the Yellow Sea to its south and Mount Fushan as its background, is now the largest university in Shandong Province The library is also one of the largest in Shandong.
  • Chongqing Medical University MBBS Fee Structure
    Chongqing Medical University (CQMU), founded in 1956, is a key university under the administration of Chongqing Municipal Government. It is one of the 30 or so medical universities in China which are approved by Ministry of Education in China to enroll foreign students to study the English-medium MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery) program. It is also listed among the Chinese medical universities in WHO’s official website and is recognized by ECFMG (Educational Committee for Foreign Medical Graduates) in the United States.
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