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List of Winter Camp Courses for Advanced Learner
This article "List of Winter Camp Courses for Advanced Learner" shows you all related information, tips, and step by step guide about List of Winter Camp Courses for Advanced Learner, check "List of Winter Camp Courses for Advanced Learner" and learn tips about List of Winter Camp Courses for Advanced Learner on CUCAS!
1. Beijing Language and Culture University

Winter Chinese programs in BLCU cater to overseas students of various levels. For advanced learner, Class E and Class F can be chosen. The curriculum is as below:

Class E Standard advanced Oral Chinese Standard advanced listening and speaking Standard advanced reading
Class F Intensive reading of advanced Chinese Advanced listening and speaking Advanced newspaper reading

This program is a 5-week program with RMB 4200 tuition fee. The application deadline is Nov 27, 2015.
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2. Jinan University

Winter Vocation Chinese Class in JNU at different levels are provided according to the actual language ability of international students, including advanced learner. This program starts from Jan 5, 2016 with the duration of 6 weeks. The courses are designed to allow students to gain a basic understanding of China as well as Chinese language and culture.

All level Chinese language study, you can find the most suitable class to experience your own Chinese world. Come and enjoy!
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3. Donghua University

Winter Course in DHU is another choice for advanced learner. The program information is as below:

This program mainly focuses on enhancing students' oral expressive abilities, combined with grammer explanation and topic discussion.
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List of Other Winter Camp Course for Advanced Learners

Below winter camp courses are also for advanced learners. Click the link to learn more and apply the course.

No. University Course Duration (Week) Tuition fee (RMB)
4 Beijing Institute of Economics and Management Winter Course 4 2450
5 Harbin Institute of Technology Winter Program 4 2800
6 Harbin University of Science and Technology Short-term Chinese Training Program 4 3000
7 Zhejiang Gongshang University Short-term Chinese Language and Culture Program 4 2400


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