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This article "Motivation for Chinese study" shows you all related information, tips, and step by step guide about Motivation for Chinese study, check "Motivation for Chinese study" and learn tips about Motivation for Chinese study on CUCAS!


As smart phone is getting more and more popular around the world,it can be used widely not only for entertainment but also for study.I have seen an app designed for Chinese people to study English words simply by listening to the word to choose the right meaning of it.It works like it knows how you remember the words and it can distinguish automatically the words you have already mastered and still don’t remember.It is a good app for use the time confetti completely.You can download some apps which is good at Chinese study and learn more characters using it instead of playing games and see videos from the website.Or you can have text stored on your phone.This is the easiest and most convenient way to do with you cellphone.The form can be various,a simple text file,a real e-book or some other format.Don’t worry about the small screen,it’s more convenient and everywhere you go,you can put it in your pocket and read some Chinese whenever you want to.


Don't hesitate to give up on a text which is not interesting to you,spend a little more time trying to find something that really interest you. It's usually preferably to read a text which is too hard or too easy rather than reading a text you really don't like.


I suggest reading short pieces of text.A novel is good but it you may feel overwhelming and it usually takes you 40 hours or more to finish, but a short essay or story doesn't take that long. Bite-sized learning is usually a good idea. One way of doing this is by reading comics, which of course has many merits apart from this.For advanced learners,reading a long text can be more relaxing sometimes.Not shifting to new texts all the time makes reading more relaxing for Chinese learners.


Finally,I want to tell you that the key to forming habits is to control the environment rather than to control yourself.Put the necessary reading material in the places you're most likely to reach it, remove other English reading material from the same locations. This is easier than trying to avoid the temptation to make things easier and revert to English.The reading material itself is really important, but it also matters how you approach it. You don't have to learn everything. Skipping things you don't understand is perfectly permitted if you get the gist anyway.


Learning Chinese is a long process which needs patience,practice and encouragement.Once you start learning it,you will feel both interested and bored about it,constant work will take you to a success.

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