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This article "On Campus Accommodation" shows you all related information, tips, and step by step guide about On Campus Accommodation, check "On Campus Accommodation" and learn tips about On Campus Accommodation on CUCAS!

If you're concerned about living conditions in China, you might well be surprised by the quality of accommodation available. A survey conducted after the Beijing Olympics found that 100% of foreign athletes and officials were satisfied with the food and accommodation.

International students in China can choose to stay at an on-campus dormitory or at the university's hotel. You can also live off campus with the permission of your school. But normally, we recommend you to choose an on-campus accommodation.

  • Room Types

Basically, on-campus accommodation refers to dormitories on campus, which generally offer single room, double room or deluxe room. Different university has different room standard. Let’s take British accommodation for a simple comparison.

Chinese University British University
Single Single
× Large/Deluxe Single
Double Twin Room
DeluxeLarge/Deluxe Single Ensuite
× Studio
× Large Studio

Normally, there’s not a chance that you could have your own kitchen within your room, because the school and parents are worried about the safety. So, the main difference on dormitories between a Chinese university and a British university is that whether you could have an independent bathroom. However, some universities indeed offer hotel-level accommodation on campus. If you live in that kind of room, yes, maybe you could have your own kitchen, but you’d better check it with the school for guarantee before you book.

Single Room at BLCU Double Room at BLCU
  • Room Facilities

Dormitories on campus usually have all the facilities that you will need, including lockers, bedding, air conditioning, TV sets, inexpensive or even free Internet access, toilets, shower facilities, hot water, etc., as well as communal kitchens, refrigerators and so on. Universities in the north provide heaters for winter use.

Laundry at BLCU Kitchen at BLCU
  • Room Price

The cost of accommodation may vary from RMB 25 to RMB 150 per day, depending on the university, the city and the type of room. You can find out specific costs for each university's on campus accommodation on the university's CUCAS page (click on the 'Accommodation' button on the navigation bar).

For instance, Beijing Language and Culture University offers six accommodation options for international students to choose from. The on campus dorms include single rooms, double rooms, and economic double rooms, which cost from RMB 37 to 149 per person per day.

  • What to Do if I Failed in Booking the On-campus Accommodation?

If you book the accommodation through the university directly but ultimately fail in getting your first choice, we recommend you to contact us and CUCAS will try it for you again. According to the experience in the past, there’s a much higher chance that CUCAS could get you your preference fulfilled. Otherwise, you can also choose to live outside the campus, please click here to see the details. >>>

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