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Top 4 Chinese Souvenirs worth Buying
This article "Top 4 Chinese Souvenirs worth Buying" shows you all related information, tips, and step by step guide about Top 4 Chinese Souvenirs worth Buying, check "Top 4 Chinese Souvenirs worth Buying" and learn tips about Top 4 Chinese Souvenirs worth Buying on CUCAS!

You can travel anywhere in the world, there will be always something that you must do: buying some souvenirs for relatives, friends and of course for yourself too. If you travel in China, you will encounter some amazing and brand new souvenirs that maybe you have never seen in your life. Here, we list 4 Chinese souvenirs that worth buying and collecting.

  • Qipao (Traditional Chinese dress)

If you have seen Wong Kar Wai's "In the mood for love", you must be dying to buy one of Maggie's dresses (the actress). She is certainly the best ambassador to promote Chinese elegance all around the world since the dresses fit her perfectly and show eastern beauty. You can buy tailor-made dresses or buy a cheaper one on a random Qipao's shop. I can assure you that women would love it!



  • Chinese Paintings and Drawings

Offering a rice paper ink painting and inscriptions is always well appreciated by Chinese people, if you're lucky enough maybe you'll get one from a nice Chinese local. But you can also buy some or have it painted by some artists in streets or parks. They can draw landscapes, characters, portraits and caricatures.

Chinese Paintings


  • Tea Set and Tea Leaves

As everyone knows, China is worldwide known for its tea. There's a whole ceremony and tradition to prepare and drink it. Chinese natural reliefs can provide a great quality and numerous varieties of tea leaves. The most famous tea is from the Yunnan Province, it is called the Pu'er Tea, and it is the highest quality tea leaves that you can find in China. It is generally sold in tea cakes form, which roughly equals to 500g and the price is generally high (from 200RMB to thousandS). But of course you can also find some good and cheaper tea such as jasmine tea, green tea and black tea. Don't forget to buy a traditional tea set to fully enjoy all the flavors of your tea. Before buying the tea set just ask to the salesperson to show you how to use it.

Tea Set Pu’er Tea Leaves


  • Chinese Fan

Chinese fan is a perfect souvenir: this won't take a lot of space in your suitcase so you can buy one for each of you friends. It's a Chinese traditional item, you have a large choice of colors, textures and shapes, and most of all, you know that everyone (except in cold countries) would use it when the temperature rises up.

Chinese Fan


  • Appendix:

1. How to bargain on souvenirs?
Normally, if you want to buy some souvenirs in popular interesting spots, it stands a high chance that you will pay a much higher price. If you could speak Chinese language, that will help you a lot. You can claim a quote as half of the original price at first round, then see what the owner says. You need to have a bottom line of the price in your mind. If you finally get a number near your line, you can purchase the good, if not, see whether the price is much higher than the number in your mind, if so, you could go to other shops to do some compare shopping. If you have some Chinese as companions, you should let your friends do the bargain, normally they will help you save a lot of money.

2. How to write a postcard?
For some foreigners who like to write postcards, here are some tips to send one from China to your home country. In terms of the receiver’s address, it would be best if you could put both Chinese and English (or other languages) on the card. If you could not write any Chinese characters, please be sure to write your destination country name big and clearly. Besides, you need to buy the stamp from a post office. However, the price of stamps for international shipping varies on different nations, you should ask the staff before purchasing. English language service is not usually offered in most of Chinese post office, so you’d better bring a Chinese friend to help you if you cannot communicate in Chinese language.

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