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How to learn Business Chinese?2014-11-04

I'm a business man intending to go to make business in China but I can speak little Chinese.How to learn Business Chinese?Is there a quick way?

Where to learn Business Chinese?2014-11-04

Where can I learn Business Chinese?

How to study Chinese Kung fu?2014-11-04

I saw a lot of movies performed by Cheng Long and Li lianjie,really interesting.So I want to learn Chinese Kung fu.How to study Chinese Kung fu?

How to improve Chinese?2014-11-04

I want to improve my Chinese language skills for a job in Beijing.How to improve Chinese?

What is Chinese language?2014-11-04

What languages do Chinese people speak in daily life other than Chinese?

What is the best way to learn Chinese calligraphy?2014-11-04

I like Chinese calligraphy very much.I want to find the best way to learn Chinese calligraphy.

How to speak Chinese well?2014-11-04

I have been studying Chinese for almost two year but I can't speak well.Is it a problem of me or everyone?I'm eager to know how to speak Chinese well.

How to give a Chinese name?2014-11-04

I'm going to China for study but I still don't have a Chinese name.How to give a Chinese name?

What's Chinese Spring Festival?2014-11-04

What is Chinese Spring Festival?Is it a festival as important as Christmas?

What is Chinese New Year?2014-11-04

I want a summary of what Chinese New Year actually is.

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