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Five Featured Winter Camp Courses in Jiangsu University
This article "Five Featured Winter Camp Courses in Jiangsu University" shows you all related information, tips, and step by step guide about Five Featured Winter Camp Courses in Jiangsu University, check "Five Featured Winter Camp Courses in Jiangsu University" and learn tips about Five Featured Winter Camp Courses in Jiangsu University on CUCAS!

Chinese Vinegar Culture Appreciation Program, Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Appreciation, Wu Culture Appreciation, Probing into Chinese Business Environment and Pearl S. Buck's Literature Appreciation are 5 featured winter camp courses provided by Jiangsu University. These courses all start from Dec 31, 2015, with 1-week duration and tuition fee of RMB 4000.

1. Chinese Vinegar Culture Appreciation Program

Focusing on national industry vinegar production, this course is a probe into differences of eating habits at home and abroad. You'll have a better understanding of Chinese vinegar at the same time of enjoying plentiful interesting extracurricular activities. This All those who love Chinese culture can apply Chinese Vinegar Culture Appreciation Program in Jiangsu University. Learn more

2. Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Appreciation

One-week study and tour to experience and study traditional Chinese painting, this can be worthwhile. There are diverse genres in traditional Chinese painting, one of which is "Jing-kou (ancient name of Zhenjiang) schooling". Come to appreciate Chinese culture with carefully designed immersion activities and excursions. Learn more

3. Wu Culture Appreciation

Do you know "Wu" culture? This course focuses on historic Wu Culture which left Suzhou City with a series of attractive heritages. This program is mainly to attract foreign guests, esp. Japanese (think of Abenonakamaro), Koreans and those who know well about the Chinese culture and history. Learn more

4. Probing into Chinese Business Environment

This program clearly focuses on Business Chinese with opportunities going into companies and campuses to visit. You can appreciate business culture in China and visit famous historical and cultural city, Zhenjiang. This course provides tense outdoor learning, with art shows and personal presentations at the party.  You can also learn while travel and from travel. Learn more

5. Pearl S. Buck's Literature Appreciation

If you are especially interested in works of the first woman American Noble prize winner in literature--Pearl S. Buck, apply this program. This program is a study tour including Basic Chinese Learning, Culture Trips and Pearl.S.Buck's China Novels' Study Program. There are every reason for international literature fans to pay a pilgrimage to Zhenjiang--the birthplace of lunar Valentines Day (Double Seventh Festival) and the legendary of Lady White Snake. Learn more

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