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How to improve Chinese writing?2014-10-29

I have been studying Chinese for almost two years but I still don't know how to write in Chinese.How to improve Chinese writing?

Where to start for learning Chinese characters?2014-10-29

Chinese characters is a hard work for me and I have no idea of where to start for learning Chinese characters.Any advice?

Where to start for learning Chinese?2014-10-29

I want to learn Chinese but I don't know where to start.Can someone tell me about that?

How much does it cost to learn Chinese characters?2014-10-29

I'm teaching myself to write Chinese characters, the sound and the meaning and I found that really difficult.So I want to know how much does it cost to learn Chinese characters?I mean finding a teacher or a school.

Any free tools for learning Chinese characters?2014-10-29

Is any free tools for learning Chinese characters?Something for pc like

When to learn Chinese characters?2014-10-29

When will a good time for me to learn Chinese characters?

Tips for learning Chinese characters?2014-10-29

I have been taking Chinese class for so far into the school year.My teacher makes me learn Chinese characters to write by myself.Does anybody have tips for learning Chinese characters?

How to learn Chinese characters fast?2014-10-29

Can anyone tell me how to learn Chinese characters fast?I think I'm doing too slow on learning Chinese characters.

Any good Mandarin schools?2014-10-29

I want to improve my Chinese quickly.Someone tole me to go to a Mandarin school.Any recommendation of good Mandarin schools?

Any good way to learn Chinese Characters?2014-10-29

Does anyone have some good recommendation for ways to learn Chinese Characters?

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