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Any good learning Chinese textbooks?2014-10-29

I want to learn Chinese but I can't take it in school. So, I need a textbook and was wondering what are some good beginner Chinese learning textbooks.

How to learn Chinese well?2014-10-29

How to learn Chinese well?I feel some Chinese characters are difficult to write. Can someone teach me how to learn Chinese well?

How much will it cost to apply to study in China?2014-10-28

I want to know what's the fees for application of studying in China.

Is studying in China helpful for Chinese?2014-10-28

Just want to ask if China is a destination for Chinese as many foreigners are learning Chinese.Is studying in China helpful for Chinese?

What is the best city to study in China?2014-10-28

I just want to know which city is the best for a foreigner to study in China.My consideration is food,environment and living cost.

Any advice for studying in China?2014-10-28

Has anyone been to or studied in China before?I have been thinking about attending a university in China. Any good advice for studying in China?

Undergraduate study in China rating?2014-10-28

I got a scholarship to study Electronics and Computer engineering in China. I need to know if education quality and stay for foreigners is good in China.

Is it good to study in Beijing?2014-10-28

Beijing is the capital of China and I heard that most good universities are located in Beijing.Is it really good to study in Beijing?

Is it good to study in Shanghai?2014-10-28

Beijing is too crowded,the traffic is so terrible.Is it good to study in Shanghai?

What to do if study in china?2014-10-28

I don't know what's the steps of studying in China for a foreigner.What should I do if I decide to study in China.

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