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Is there hotel near Tsinghua University?2014-10-23

I want to know if there is any hotel near Tsinghua University for me to live in for a few days before I move into the apartment in the university.

Is there hotel near Peking University?2014-10-23

My parents are coming to Beijing to see me next month.I want to find a hotel for them which is neither too expensive nor too far away from Peking University.Is there hotel near Peking University?

Which is the safest Chinese University?2014-10-16

In my country,people's safety is a big problem.I heard China is a safe country where people live peacefully and they are not permitted to bring any guns.I want to go to China to study.Which is the safest Chinese University?

How about learning Chinese at Peking University?2014-10-23

Peking University is a world class university,right?I wanna apply to it for learning Mandarin.How about learning Chinese at Peking University?

How is the accommondation in Peking University?2014-10-23

What's the room type of international students in Peking University?Are we going to live comfortable at Peking University?

How is the canteen food in Peking University?2014-10-23

Is there delicious food in Peking University?How is the canteen in Peking University?I'm about to study there for one year.Can anyone tell something about their canteen?

How to study Chinese at Peking University?2014-10-16

I want to study Chinese after I graduate from high school and I plan to go to the best university in China.How to study Chinese at Peking University?

How about Peking University in China?2014-10-23

Is Peking University as good as Tsinghua University?

How to get to Peking University?2014-10-23

How do I get to Peking University from the airport?Will anyone pick me up at the airport?

How to apply to Peking University?2014-10-23

I want to apply to Peking University for a long-term Chinese program.How to apply to Peking University?

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