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Is Zhejiang university better or Fudan University?2014-10-20

I want a urrent response. I recently got accepted to both universities for MBBS program. Which university is better and why?

How to get direct admission in MBBS?2014-10-20

Help me.Can anyone tell me about how to get direct admission in MBBS in china?

How long will it take to learn Mandarin?2014-10-20

I'm interested in learning Mandarin to a degree.I mean I'm thinking of going to China for a Mandarin degree.How long will it take to learn Mandarin?

How to learn Mandarin in China?2014-10-13

I have been learning mandarin part time on Saturdays, and have recently started looking into courses in China.Has anyone had any experiences about learning mandarin in China?

Any good resources for learning Mandarin?2014-10-20

I'm interested in learning Mandarin. I don't have enough time for a class or a tutor, though. Other than those, what other options are there to learn Mandarin? (Such as books, CD-ROM software, etc.)

Why do people learn Mandarin?2014-10-20

I found more and more Americans went to China to learn Mandarin in recent years.Why do they learn Mandarin?Is mandarin very useful?

Learning Mandarin Online?2014-10-20

I want to know how hard it will be to learn Mandarin Online. I think I will be fine with grammar with learning all of that online, but I want to know how hard it will be to learn the characters and pronunciation.

How to learn conversational Mandarin?2014-10-20

My classmates and I have been learning Mandarin for four months.We all found that conversational Mandarin is difficult.How to learn conversational Mandarin?

Is a easy way to learn Mandarin?2014-10-20

I know learning Mandarin is not an easy task but to me it's absolutely too difficult.I want an easy way to learn Mandarin.I need to improve my reading and writing skills.

What is the best way to learn mandarin?2014-10-20

I'm trying to find a new best way to learn Mandarin because I found I got no progress in learning Mandarin in three months.What is actually the best way to learn mandarin?

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