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How to learn spoken Chinese?2014-10-11

I find spoken Chinese very difficult for me,Chinese tones are different from my native language.How to learn spoken Chinese well?

Is it easy to learn Chinese?2014-10-11

I want to learn Chinese but I heard it's quite difficult.Is learning Chinese easily for a foreigner?

How to learn Chinese quickly?2014-10-11

I wish I could learn Chinese very well and master a great deal of it.Is there any quick way to learn Chinese?

Is It Worth Learning Chinese?2014-10-11

I'm not so sure about which language to learn.I have two options,one is French,the other is to learn Chinese.What's the value of learning Chinese?

Is there any funny ways to learn Chinese?2014-10-11

I'm learning Chinese now,sometimes I find it boring and difficult.Is there any way to learn Chinese with more fun?

Where to learn Chinese?2014-10-11

I have a wish to learn Chinese to improve my language skills.Where could I learn Chinese in Beijing?

Which China's university accepted Chinese Government Scholarship?2014-10-11

I'm an American just about to go to China for learning Chinese,I want to choose a China's university that accepts Chinese Government Scholarship.

What would be needed to get a scholarship at a China's university?2014-10-11

Is there anything that needed to try and apply?I'm learning Chinese in China and I really need to win a Chinese Scholarship.

Is it possible to get a Chinese scholarship to study in Beijing?2014-10-11

I‘ about to move to Beijing to study Chinese.I have limited funds so I want to know whether it's possible for a foreign students to win a scholarship in Beijing?

What are the advantages of studying in China Universities?2014-10-11

Please tell me the advantages of studying in China Universities,I need to make my decision whether to study in a China university or not.

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