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Can a foreign student find a job in China after graduation from a China university?2014-10-11

I want to study and work in China because I love this cultural country.Can I find a job after graduation from a China university?

What are the requirements of applying to China universities?2014-10-11

I want to know what are the requirements of China universities for international students when applying.

Do you trust delivery Chinese food?2014-10-11

I'm just curious about Chinese food quality and safety,will the delivery Chinese food be delicious?

Any recommendation of Chinese medicine for sore throat?2014-10-10

Recently I have a throat problem and I want to buy some Chinese medicine,any good Chinese Medicine recommendation?

What can I learn from living in China?2014-10-10

I’m about to move to China to study for one year.I’m wondering what can I learn from living in China or if I want to learn from living,what should I do?

What is it like to live in China?2014-10-10

I’m a girl who’s going to live in China and start a university life there.So I just want to know how you feel about living in China?Is it happy or sad?

How to cook Chinese food?2014-10-10

Whatever,just Chinese food.Any advice for cooking by myself?

Any good recommendation for ancient Chinese food?2014-10-10

I want to serve my American friends with ancient Chinese food,can you give me some advice?

What is the best Chinese food?2014-10-10

I want to taste Chinese food ,does anyone has some good recommendations of the best Chinese food?

What is the best MBBS program in China?2014-10-10

I want to study MBBS program in China and want to find a best program for me.

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