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Where to find Chinese Alphabet?2014-11-04

Looking for the Chinese Alphabet to start learning Chinese.

Websites for Chinese study?2014-11-04

Is there some good websites for Chinese study?

How to learn Chinese culture?2014-11-04

I'm fond of Chinese culture and I want to learn some.Can anybody tell me how to learn Chinese culture?

Where to learn Chinese culture?2014-11-04

I want to learn about Chinese culture since it is interesting and meaningful.Where to learn Chinese culture?

What is the difference between Mandarin and Chinese?2014-11-04

I don't know what it means when people talking about Mandarin and Chinese.What's the difference between Mandarin and Chinese?

How to write Chinese calligraphy?2014-11-03

Chinese calligraphy is a new trend among foreigners.I want to learn some.How to write Chinese calligraphy?

How to do Chinese Calligraphy?2014-11-03

I'm trying to do some Calligraphy but i'm not sure which way to write it.How to do Chinese Calligraphy?

Where to use Chinese calligraphy?2014-11-03

Many of my friends study Chinese calligraphy while I think Chinese calligraphy is very difficult and it seems that we don't need it in fact.Where to use Chinese calligraphy?

Good websites for Chinese calligraphy?2014-11-03

I'm looking for a website that shows the English word and the Chinese word.Any good websites?

What is Chinese Calligraphy?2014-11-03

Recently my classmate signed up a Chinese calligraphy program.I want to know what is Chinese Calligraphy?

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