Applying to China's Universities Shouldn't Be Expensive
Agent Service Fee Basic Application Fee
Third Party Agents Online Agents $30-$500 Collection Only
Local Agents $500-$3,000 $0
Self-application CUCAS $50 Collection Only
Universities $0 Charge Directly

China Universities self-application: Cost-effective.

Applying through CUCAS: Same legal effect, even easier.


Why Self-application Is More Convenient and Cost-Effective?

Analysis point to 5 Steps of Applying to China's Universities

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How to Choose the Best Self-application Service?

Comparison Between Self-application Services

Universities CUCAS
1 Consulting
2 Timely Information
3 Multiple School Application
4 English Consulting
5 Free Admission Notice Mail Service
6 Airport Pick Up Service
7 Money Transfer Service
8 Accommodation Service
9 Free Gifts (Brochures and etc)
Choose CUCAS - The Best Way for China's Universities Self-application
It takes only 10 minutes to apply for a Chinese university through CUCAS.
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