Why Applying to China's Universities Shouldn't Be Expensive

Why Applying to China's Universities Shouldn't Be Expensive shows you useful tips on studying in China. If you are planning to study in Chin...

During the past 3 years, there were nearly 1,000,000 international students come to study in China. And it is estimated that over 400,000 international students will apply to China’s universities in 2014. As the population of international students is getting larger and larger, more and more people begin to care about how much would it cost to apply to China’s universities. It is common for a student from other countries to spend about $2,000 to apply to a China’s university, but actually applying to China’s universities shouldn’t be expensive. Regarding to this question, CUCAS, the biggest online platform for students to apply China universities which was founded in 2008, has made a research to explain why applying to China’s universities shouldn’t be expensive. 

The common process to apply to China’s universities can be divided into five stages: making plan, applying for Universities, applying visa, pre-preparation and after arrival. This article explains why the cost shouldn’t be so high in each stage.


1 Making Plan.

When you choose China's universities or want more important information to make your plan to study in China, you may consult some professionals, and 85% of third party agents will charge consulting fees.

However, you can get necessary information from online platforms for free. For example, CUCAS provides detailed and timely update information for 300+ China’s universities, you can easily compare different universities, know their costs, and choose the best university for you to study in China for. CUCAS also provides free consulting service, you can call 86-10-82865135 to get help from local experts for free.


2 Applying for Universities

After you have selected your program and university, most of organizations will charge service fee for applying, which is usually 2 or 3 times as much as what the school will charge. While you can easily find a platform to apply it by yourself for very low service fee.

CUCAS provide online application service so you can apply to China’s universities online.  CUCAS also provide free admission notice & JW202 form delivery service (Via DHL), so no matter which country you are in, you will receive according materials for free.


3 Applying Visa

Once you have successfully applied your school, you have to apply for a visa to go to China, which usually costs $200-$500 in a third party agent.

However, with a detailed guide about how to apply for a visa to China. Applying for a visa to China is easier than applying to other countries.


4 Pre-Preparation

Before departure from your country, you need to prepare for ticket, money transfer and accommodation. Third parties may help you do these but the price is high as well.

However, you can get abundant local accommodation information and free accommodation booking service from online platforms as well. You can easily find the right accommodation for you and save a lot of service fee.


5 After Arrival

You may face a lot of extra costs when arrived in China because of lack of necessary information. After you have arrived China, CUCAS provide cost-effective airport pick-up service, if your chosen university is in Beijing, CUCAS’ staff will help you go to your university and complete the registration process for free. So you can save unnecessary cost in this stage.

CUCAS also provide detailed guide for you to help you reach your university in the best way and avoid unnecessary cost on the road.

In the past 6 years, CUCAS team has devoted themselves in building the best online application system and providing first class application service for international students who want to study abroad in China.

Do you want to study in China through a cost-effective service and save your money? Choose CUCAS, apply to China’s universities today! 

Applying for china's universities shouldn't be expensive

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