How to Save Accommodation Fees While Studying in China

How to Save Accommodation Fees While Studying in China shows you useful tips on studying in China. If you are planning to study in China, ch...

The accommodation fee is the biggest cost for a student to study abroad in China. Usually a student need to pay for about $800 for accommodation every year. This article shows you how to save accommodation fees while studying in China. 

Tips 1: Live in the dormitory

It usually takes you about $800 for live in the dormitory of universities in China for one year, when if you choose to live outside of campus in a city like Beijing, you will need to pay more $2,000.


Tips 2: Share room with other students

When you are booking accommodation in the university, just choose to share room with other students, so you can save some money. Besides, if you happen to find a Chinese student to share room with you. You will also have better opportunities to practice your Chinese.


Tips 3: Find rent house online

If you really want to live outside of campus, you’d better try to find rent house online. There are a lot of websites in China could help you find houses with reasonable price nearby your school, such as and Just spend some time on looking for the right house for you, otherwise you need to pay more than you should in each month.

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