How to Save Money on Consulting Fees When Applying to China's Universities

How to Save Money on Consulting Fees When Applying to China's Universities shows you useful tips on studying in China. If you are planning t...

As a fast developing country, China’s huge employment opportunities are attracting more than 300,000 international students to study in China every year. If you are one of those students plan to learn Chinese or other programs in China, you may also face the question that which university to choose, you may consult to a third party agent but the consulting fee can be pretty high. This article shows you how to save money on consulting fees when applying to China’s universities.

1 Find an organization with abundant information. When choosing the agent to help you apply to China’s universities, you should find an agent with enough information about China’s universities, their experienced consultant will help you find the university you want directly. If you chose a wrong agent, you will need to pay more because it is harder for them to find a school for you.


2 Choose the right time. Every February and October are peak seasons for those agents to receive students who want to study in China. If you choose a time in their slack season such as June or November to consult for your, you may enjoy some discount.


3 Choose Free Consulting Service. Yes there are some great consulting services, you can choose their service directly. Such as CUCAS, which is an experienced team in China that have abundant information (300+ China’s universities, 20,000+ courses), experienced professionals, and free 24/7 English consulting service (Contact CUCAS). CUCAS also provide free admission notice mailing service, and other cost-effective services such as airport pick-up, accommodation booking, and money transfer service.

Are you going to find a consulting service? Remember above tips and save unnecessary costs on consulting service when applying to China’s universities! 

Applying for china's universities shouldn't be expensive

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