How to Save Money on Transportation While Studying in China

How to Save Money on Transportation While Studying in China shows you useful tips on studying in China. If you are planning to study in Chin...

For students who want to study in China, a great news is that the public transportation system grows pretty fast in China in the past decades, China is also building subway systems faster than anywhere else. So now when you go to China, it is very convenient and fast for you to go a place you want to. However, if you choose a wrong way to do it, you may waste some money. This article shows you how to save money on transportation while studying in China.


Tips 1: Buy one bicycle.

No matter you go to school or travel for short distance, a bicycle is great choice for you. It usually costs about $20 to $50 in China and it is good for your health.


Tips 2: Apply for a student bus card

Don’t forget to apply for a student bus card in your college, it only cost about ¥20 and it will allow you can enjoy a 20% discount for each time taking a bus.


Tips 3: Take regular taxi

If you have to take a taxi, just take a regular taxi. They may look different in different cities but all of them have the “Taxi” sign at the top of the car, so you can distinguish them from irregular taxis, which are far more expensive than regular ones. 

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