How to Save Money When Applying to China's Universities

How to Save Money When Applying to China's Universities shows you useful tips on studying in China. If you are planning to study in China, c...

For most student who want to study in abroad, one of the most concerned questions is the cost. You may wondering how much you will pay when you study abroad in another country. As the economic growth of China, more and more students come to study in China, since China not only has more opportunities for students but also has more reasonable price than other countries.

If you have decided to study abroad in China, you should learn more about cost of applying to China’s universities. However, even if you have known the cost of applying to China’s universities, you can also learn how to save more money during the application process.


Save Money When Applying to China's Universities Tips 1: No third party agents.

If you choose third party agents to apply to universities in China for you, you will need to pay a lot for unnecessary services such as below:

1 Consulting fee: There are online platform like CUCAS, could help you easily find top China’s universities, cities and programs information online, so you don’t need to paid for consulting service in third party agent. Of course some agents may tell you consulting is service is free. But when you got your final bill, you will find it.

2 Application service fee: Third party service usually charge you $200 to $2,000 for applying to China’s university for you. This part of money could be saved, since you can submit your application online for free.


Save Money When Applying to China's Universities Tips 2: Don’t save money but waste time.

You may choose to apply to China’s universities directly and you will save some money, but you may also waste some time on this. Following are 2 main reasons for about it:

1 Delay of information: Although most universities have their own official websites, but they usually don’t have full-time editors to keep updating their sites, so when you have applied for a course, it may turns out the information was out-of-date and you have to do the application process again.

2 Regular working hours: College teachers usually have regular working hours, which means when you want to consult to someone after 6 pm, you have to just postpone it to the next morning.


Save Money When Applying to China's Universities Tips 3: How CUCAS will save money for you.

CUCAS, on the other hand, will save money for you through following aspects:

1 Free consulting Service: Save you about $200

2 Low Application Service Fee: Save you about $500

3 Free Admission Notice & JW202 Form Delivery Service: Save you about $100

4 Free Guide for Visa: Save you $30 to $130.

5 Money Transfer service (0 Service Fee):  Save you about $30.

5 Free accommodation booking service:  Save you about $50.

Besides, CUCAS will also save you time by providing 24/7 calling service, timely process feedback, free local information brochure, free registration guide, and if your chosen university is in China, CUCAS will even provide cost-effective airport pick-up service ($100) and help you complete the registration for totally free.


Applying for china's universities shouldn't be expensive

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