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How to learn Mandarin fast?2014-10-20

I'm doing too slow in learning Mandarin.Is there a method to help me learn Mandarin fast?

What are the benefits of learning Mandarin?2014-10-20

Many of my high school classmates went to China to learn Mandarin.They say it's interesting.What are the benefits of learning Mandarin?

Any good books for learning Mandarin?2014-10-20

I have learned Mandarin for one month,is there any recommendation of good books for learning Mandarin?

Should I learn Mandarin or Cantonese?2014-10-20

I want to learn Chinese.But I don't know the difference between Mandarin and Cantonese.Should I learn Mandarin or Cantonese?

Where to learn Mandarin?2014-10-20

I mean I want to find a good place to learn Mandarin.Is there any good schools for learning Mandarin?

How to learn Mandarin?2014-10-13

I have always wanted to learn Mandarin, since I think it will become more important that English somewhere.How to learn Mandarin?

How much does it cost to learn Mandarin in China?2014-10-20

Next summer my family and I will go to Beijing for our new life.I want to know how much it will costs for a teenager to learn Mandarin in China?

What’s the price of summer camp in China?2014-10-17

I have a wish to learn Chinese.What's the price of summer camp in China?I want to try it.

Is there high school students'summer camp in China?2014-10-17

I'm 14,from UK.I'll travel to China this year and I heard some summer camps in China are excellent.I wonder whether there are high school students' summer camp in universities in China?

Is there free summer camp in China?2014-10-17

I have studied Chinese for one year and never been to China before.I desperately want to study in China.Is there any free summer camp in China?

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