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This article "CUCAS Services" shows you all related information, tips, and step by step guide about CUCAS Services, check "CUCAS Services" and learn tips about CUCAS Services on CUCAS!

CUCAS, as the No. 1 service in study in China industry, provides one-stop services for students who want to study in China. As a member of CUCAS family, you can enjoy our great services in the whole process of study in China and found it is so easy to achieve your dream of study abroad in China.

1. University Application Service

By using CUCAS application service, you can make multiple applications at one time. CUCAS consultants will help you to choose the best programs, and CUCAS Student Service Team will assist you to prepare and submit the required documents.

I. Fees
Generally, you only need to pay a minimum CUCAS service fee of $50. The following 9 universities charge $150 instead:

1).Peking University
2).Fudan University
3).Tsinghua University
4).Tongji University
5).Sun Yat-sen University
6).Jinan University
7).Renmin University of China
8).Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
9).Minzu University of China

II: Procedure
Step 1: Choose university & course.
Step 2: Complete online application.
Step 3: Pay the application fee which is directly charged by the university.
Step 4: Track application status and get the result.

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2. Accommodation Booking Service.

Qualified applicants can reserve university accommodations through CUCAS Accommodation Booking Service System. This service mainly provides options of student dormitories. You can book your accommodation after login your CUCAS account. Yet CUCAS will also direct you to choose nearby hotels if you are not interested in living on campus.

I. Fees
-For Applicants on CUCAS: FREE
-Non-CUCAS Users: Only BLCU is available and you need to pay $100 for using this service.

II: Procedure
Step 1: Learning accommodation information.
Step 2: Completing application form online.
Step 3: Paying service fee of $100 (only for non-CUCAS users).
Step 4: Receiving reservation notice.

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3. Airport Pick-up Service.

CUCAS provides you with an easy journey from airport to university.

I. Coverage
CUCAS provides Airport Pickup Service only in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Nanjing and Guangzhou, and register service only in Beijing.

II: Fees
Pickup Service Fee: $100. (Another $50 will be charged if for one more person)
Register Service Fee: $100. (This service is only available in Beijing)

III: Procedure
Step 1: Booking Airport Pickup Service: You need to do this on PC. Login to your own CUCAS account, then click "Airport Pickup Service" to book.
Step 2: Paying the fee.
Step 3: Getting picked up from the Airport.
Step 4: Completing School Registration (Only in Beijing).

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4. Money Transfer Service.

CUCAS Money Transfer Service is provided by CUCAS, aiming at easing troubles for international students in terms of paying their tuition fee, accommodation fee and living expenses. Our service contains:

I. Services
1. Funds Upload Service: Overseas students could upload funds to their personal CUCAS e-wallet (unlimited transaction available).
2. Funds Withdrawal Service: Overseas students could transfer money from personal CUCAS e-wallet to bank account opened in China, or withdraw cash directly (unlimited transaction available).

II: Procedure
Step 1: Login to your own CUCAS account. (You have to do this on PC).
Step 2: After you have logged in CUCAS, move the cursor to the icon on the top of navigation bar, then you will find the menu and the option for money transfer service.

Step 3: Then you will find the "Upload Funds" button at the right side of the page, by clicking that button, you can add funds to your account and start the money transfer service.

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5. Business Cooperation Service.

CUCAS would like to cooperate with organizations around the world to provide better services to each student that want to study in China.

I. University Advertising
1. Provide digital admission strategies and plans for domestic education agencies on studying in China.
2. Provide an entire set of admission and management system for universities.

1. Email:
2. Tel: (86)10-82865135

II. Job Opportunities and Internships
With the official going online of CUCAS website Version 6, now we are offering some job opportunities and internships for foreign students who are currently living and studying in Beijing.

1. Email:

III. Agency Cooperation Service
No matter you are an international student or a company, you may apply CUCAS International Market Alliance Program to get according reward by recommending students to apply China universities by using CUCAS service. Participants of this program will get accordingly resource and help from CUCAS (detailed terms are listed as below) and share certain benefits with CUCAS according to different level of cooperation, which are mainly decided by the amount of students an agency send to China’s universities through CUCAS.

1. Email:

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