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What Kind of Insurance Should Be Bought By Foreign Students?
This article "What Kind of Insurance Should Be Bought By Foreign Students?" shows you all related information, tips, and step by step guide about What Kind of Insurance Should Be Bought By Foreign Students?, check "What Kind of Insurance Should Be Bought By Foreign Students?" and learn tips about What Kind of Insurance Should Be Bought By Foreign Students? on CUCAS!

It is required by the ministry of education in China that insurance is required for all foreign students who pursues higher education in China for a period over 6 months (students who hold an X1 visa). Students can purchase their insurance either from their own country or from the university admission office during registration. Many universities do require students to purchase the foreign students overall insurance plan in China.

  • Foreign Students Overall Insurance Plan

Take Ping An Life Insurance Company, one of the major insurance companies in China, as an example. It provides a comprehensive insurance and protection scheme for foreigners staying in China. The insurance premium is RMB 400 per half year (one semester). The liability for death + accidental disability coverage is RMB 100,000. The medical treatment for accidental injury coverage is RMB 20,000. The hospitalization medical treatment insurance coverage is RMB 400,000.

  • Other types of insurance for foreign students in China

1) Travel Insurance
2) Student Health Insurance
3) Emergency Insurance

Travel insurance is suitable for students who study less than a period of 6 months. For students who are going to study in China for more than 6 months, they should have emergency insurance or student health insurance. If students would like to choose a plan which covers outpatient in China, insurance premium will be largely increased. In fact, physical consultation is actually quite cheap in China.

In order to purchase the right insurance, students should carefully read the restriction / exception clauses in the insurance policy. Students should also carefully consider their insurance needs, especially the thoroughness of the coverage.

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