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Every year, Thousands of international students choose CUCAS as their entrance of China universities, and CUCAS enjoys a 95% customer satisfaction rate. Among all services for Study in China, CUCAS has been the No.1 in this industry for so many years. Besides, CUCAS has developed solid cooperation with over 90% of 985 and 211 universities that recruiting international students in China.

Why CUCAS is widely trusted by not only international students but also China's top universities? Here are the top 5 reasons of why should you choose CUCAS to apply China universities and study in China.

Why CUCAS Reason No.1: Satisfied Service

CUCAS provide variety of great services help every student that want to study in China in the whole process. The services not only contain University Application service, but also contains Accommodation Booking, Airport Pick-Up, Money Transfer and Business Cooperation service, which has helped CUCAS built so widely cooperation with agencies and organizations in different countries. All these services makes study in China so conveniently and easily. In a recent research, we found that:

1) 93.27% of customers chose "Very Nice" for CUCAS Customer Service Attitude.
2) 95.05% of the students agreed with the option "CUCAS helped me solving all the problems in my application".
3) 70.3% of the students had got the CUCAS Guiding Brochures.
4) Among every 3 students, 2 persons believed that CUCAS processed their cases rapidly, and 98.19% of the students thought CUCAS response speed “Very Fast”.

Why CUCAS Reason No.2: The Biggest and Most Reliable Database

CUCAS has established cooperation with 300+ universities in China. After over 8 years of industry experience and cooperation, CUCAS is able to provide most timely and accurate information about 200,000+ courses in China's universities. Students could easily find their ideal course in different cities in China and save a lot of time. When you want to compare China universities and courses, you don't need to spend hours on browsing websites of different universities, you can easily do it on CUCAS and find the information you want in an elegant way. We are so proud of that CUCAS is the first service in China that could do this and we think it is an industry revolution.

Why CUCAS Reason No.3: Reliability as the Soul

CUCAS regard "Reliability" as the soul of the team, and we focusing on optimizing the reliability and usability of our service from following aspects:

1. Transparent process of searching programs
*OPTIMIZATION of search results: Based on analysis of searching habits, CUCAS knows best about what programs students really need and like.
*MANUAL INTERVENTION in its positive sense: CUCAS is an open and just platform helping students to find useful information.

2. FAIR evaluation of universities in all possible aspect
*Peer Reviews: authentic and just comments on universities by international students.
*Improving education quality: students can help universities improve their management.

Why CUCAS Reason No.4: A Professional Team

CUCAS has the most professional and dedicated team in this industry in China, which has experienced members that would like to devote themselves in the career of helping international students to study in China. We are:

1. Accessible. From the very beginning of your application, almost every week you will receive emails from CUCAS containing instant feedbacks on each and every specific stage of your application.
2. Diligent. Behind every e-mail, CUCAS consulting team and student service team are endeavoring to track your case by frequent contacts with university admission offices.
3. Responsible. CUCAS will timely inform you to add outstanding documents or to replace unqualified materials. Otherwise, you could possibly be rejected directly for these reasons without any chance to appeal for yourself.
4. Effective. Once CUCAS receives your admission letter directly from the university, staff will e-mail you a scan copy of it and post the letter via DHL at the same time for free.
Thanks to the professional team, CUCAS has redefined SIMPLIFICATION in Chinese university application process based on its professionalism, high efficiency, and rich experience.

Why CUCAS Reason No.5: Cost-Effective

We believe that we should not only make our service convenient, but also make it cost-effective. Only in this way, we can really help students around the world to achieve their dreams to study in China. When using CUCAS, you may found that we can:

Save your time: Save your money:
*Consulting with admission offices one by one. *Service fee minimum $50 (Check more details)
*Repeating applications due to lack of documents. *Delivery fee at only $50 to $100.
*Time difference *Accommodation booking fee at $0.

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