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Is MBBS in china good?2014-10-13

I'm thinking of going to China for a MBBS program,what are the good points about MBBS in China?Is MBBS in china good?

Which universities in China provide international scholrships for MBBS degree?2014-10-13

I am planning to study MBBS in China but at the same time,I need to win a scholarship to make ends meet.Which universities offers scholarships for international students for MBBS degree?

What should i do after obtaining a China MBBS degree?2014-10-13

I will graduate next year and I don't know what will be my next step,do you have any suggestions?

Which is the best medical university in China?2014-10-13

I'm a students from Nepal and I want to obtain a China MBBS degree.Please tell me about the best medical university.

Does Medical council of India recognise China MBBS degree?2014-10-13

I'm from India,most students in my country went to China to study a MBBS program in recent years.Is a China MBBS degree recognized by MCI?

Is china a suitable place for studying MBBS?2014-10-13

I'm wondering whether China is a good place for a teenager to study a MBBS program.

What is the fate of China MBBS degree?2014-10-13

To get a China MBBS degree is my dream,I'm eager to know the fate of China MBBS degree,will it be a great power for me to get a excellent job?

Are China MBBS degrees accepted around the world?2014-10-13

I hope I can get a China MBBS degree and then go somewhere else to find a job,is it possible? Is a China MBBS degree accepted everywhere?

If I get my a China MBBS degree ,will I be able to work in UK?2014-10-13

I'm from UK,I heard that to get a China MBBS degree in China is much more cheaper than UK,so I want to get a China MBBS degree.Will I be permitted to work in UK after that?

Is China MBBS degree accepted in Taiwan?2014-10-13

I want to be a doctor.I want to study in a China's university for a MBBS degree.Is China MBBS degree accepted in Taiwan?

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