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CUCAS (China's University and College Admission System) is the only authorized service that provides most complete information of China's Universities as well as one-stop online application service for international students who want to study in China.

CUCAS History

(CEO: Peter Zheng)

CUCAS was established in 2008 by CEO Peter Zheng in China. The name "CUCAS" is the abbreviation of China's University and College Admission System, which shows the original idea of the company to build an online system to help international students to enter China's universities. The website is run by Beijing CHIWEST Co.,Ltd. During the past years, CUCAS has rapidly become the No. 1 service in the industry due to its widely cooperation with universities in China and top class service for international students such as most latest and accurate information of different courses and colleges.

No. 1 in the Industry

Since established, CUCAS has been keeping high growth speed and become No. 1 in the industry of study in China.

By far CUCAS has established solid partnerships with 300+ top universities in China and offers more than 300,000 courses information to students around the world. Every year, thousands of international students choose CUCAS as their first step to study in China.

Our Services

CUCAS not only provide university application service, but also provide one-stop services for international students to study in China such as:

1: Accommodation booking.
2: Airport pick-up.
3: Money transfer.
4: Business cooperation.

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With great services and a dedicated team, CUCAS has become 95% of international students' choice to apply China's universities online.

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