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Popular Wrong Western Assumptions about China
This article "Popular Wrong Western Assumptions about China" shows you all related information, tips, and step by step guide about Popular Wrong Western Assumptions about China, check "Popular Wrong Western Assumptions about China" and learn tips about Popular Wrong Western Assumptions about China on CUCAS!

1. “All of Chinese people are Kungfu Masters!”

-----You must watch too many Chinese Kungfu movies and were astonished by Bruce Lee or Jacky Cheng. But the reality is not every Chinese people could do kungfu, only a small groups of them could be called “Kungfu Masters”. But if you ask whether Chinese people enjoy watching someone performs kungfu?Yes, I think we all do.

2. “Fashion style in China is still as old as 30 years ago. People are riding bikes everywhere because automatic vehicles are still unavailable.”

------Wow, that is really a big wrong impression! 30 years ago, that may be somehow true, but now, we are going through too many heavy traffic jams because of too many cars! Seriously, riding a bike is much faster than driving a car during rush hours. In terms of the fashion style, the fact is that currently, Chinese people occupy the largest portion in the market of world luxury goods. And since the implementation of the Reform and Opening Policies in 1978, the taste of Chinese people regarding fashion and stylish things have been developing a lot. You can see beautiful and fashionable Chinese people all over the streets.

3. “Chinese all look like typical Asians.”

-----Not really, we have 55 officially recognized ethnic minorities in China and some of them are genetically Turkish, Central Asians, or even Russians. So, don’t be too surprised if you meet with a look-like-foreigner who states himself/herself as a Chinese.

4. “Rice is the staple food for many Chinese, but I don’t like eating rice!”

-----Actually, rice is NOT the staple food for many Chinese. Westerners tend to associate rice with Chinese food because most Chinese restaurants in the foreign land offer a choice of white or fried rice with entrees. But rice is really the staple of the south and the Yangtze River valley, while wheat is the staple of the north and the Yellow River Valley. Besides, if you don’t like eating rice at all, you can choose to have meals at many foreign restaurants in China. A number of them are very popular.

5. “Fortune Cookies is as common in restaurant in Mainland China as in the States .”

-----American students used to get some “Fortune Cookies” after having dinner in a Chinese restaurant back in the States, but unfortunately, here in the “actual” China, we barely offer that kind of thing. (Fortune cookies mean crispy, bow-shaped sugar cookies containing a small note with a sentence of goodwill or blessings served particularly in Chinese restaurants as the finale of a Chinese meal in the USA.)

6. “As China became more powerful, it would act like the US and UK when they were at the peak of power.”

-----OK, this gonna be related to politics. As a matter of fact, the diplomatic policies that China has been implemented always enhance that we will take a development path in peace with the rest of the world. So, don’t worry about the national stuff, you can see that we were among the few countries that obeyed the disarmament proposal by the United Nations couple of years ago.

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